What genres do you prefer?

The fact that books are necessary for everyone is indisputable. Everyone understands this, but not everyone reads it. Perhaps because one word "should" is not enough. It is important to understand that it is to us that books are so good that we deprive ourselves of this by refusing to read. - Good, quality books will not only give you new and useful knowledge. They will teach you how to speak correctly and beautifully, to communicate your thoughts to others. - You will be able to develop your analytical skills. This is an invaluable quality when you need to make a responsible decision quickly. - Books are taught to separate the essential from the imposed, in contrast to television. A person who prefers books to the TV screen, thinks the way he is told, and is confident that these are his own thoughts. The book clears the mind of excess garbage. - The possibilities of modern cinematography are amazing. With the help of special effects, you can show everything from God to the devil. Sometimes you look at the screen, and in your head it does not fit, how this could be invented. But the problem is that the film only affects the human visual and auditory organs. While the book involves all the senses, and actively includes the imagination. And a person with a developed imagination is advantageously different from the rest by the creativity of thinking.